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The producer and distributor of quality battery cages,

Locations:Orita merin Oko erin junction ilorin kwara state and

Its Head Office: No 15 Mustapha Hassan Ave off isuti road Egan igando Lagos State ,

Our products are of different capacities of 120 birds per unit, 96 birds per unit, 64 birds per unit and 80 birds per unit.

we design special stands that can fit your space, our products are proudly quality made in Nigeria.

Our integrity over the years is what keep us firm, as a result of that we offer different payment strategy to the favour of our customers.

1: Pay on delivery after the agreement form of the company has been signed by both parties. How we do is to send a signed scanned copy to you, you print sign and scan back to us.

2: Contractual bases of instalment payment with an initial payment of 75% and subsequent payment of the remaining are prorated on the contract agreement period.

3: Instant payment and delivery.

The 90/96birds capacity is 65k/ unit

The 120birds capacity is 85k/unit

A unit of our products contains

6 baskets



Medication tank and stands

20mm iron rod stands

Green coated galvanized materials for durability purpose.

*Note*: Transportation and workmanship is *Not* included in the price, this is because every location differs, what we do mostly is to merge customers with same route together to subsidize the price.

All price are negotiable.

The 120 capacity has a strong reinforcements that protect it from sagging.

Patronize us today and feel the quality of our products and services,we look forward to hear from you. Blessed morning to you and your families.

Call or whatsapp any of these no:.

Eng Oluwadamilola: 08067866880.

Eng Ibrahim: 08163343871.

Eng Lawal: 08165961070
Hurry it’s your time to excel in poultry business……. It’s a season of success grab it now and grab yours.
We manufacture the profitable galvanize battery cage(poultry cage).
The quality we produce distinguish us from others;
1: Galvanize mesh wire all through. 2: Modernize drinker(nipples).
3: Fascination tank(that suits your farm). 4: Anti-rust feeder.
5: No wasting of feeds
6: Spacious cell that gives conducive to your birds
7: No mortality.
8: It’s stress free cages.
9: Repairs of old cages.
10: Installation service. We are proudly made in Nigeria.
Our product are of no difference from that of imported, both in terms of space and conductive.
It has been tested by many of our client all over the nation. Notable among all are; Kwara,Lagos,Rumuagholo in Rumuokoro,Afam,Obibo,OK I rim a,Waterline(porthacourt),Okuloho,Warri,Asaba,Enugu,owarri,Isuanocha(Anambra) and so on.
Call or whatsapp 08067866880.
We offer pay on delivery service.
Its your chance to increase your profitability level on this business.
Bet you, the story of your business will surely change to better…..

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